Enable PaaS (SQL) in Azure Stack TP1 part I

Yesterday part II of Microsoft Azure Stack TP1 is released! The PaaS services has been made avaialble for the public. So in this blog post i will go through my experience of deploying and installing the SQL PaaS Resource Provider in Azure Stack. Lets start!

Log on the PORTALVM and open IIS Manager. Then go to server and choose Server Certificates. Then choose to create a new Domain Certificate:


Then click next and choose the CA running on the ADVM and specify a friendly name:


Now the certificate is created and listed in the view of all the other certificates. Export the just created certificate now to the C:\ of the ClientVM:


*note; if you downloaded Azure stack after February 23 ’16 you already have the .net35 baked into the image. You can skip the part adding .net35 to the 2012 R2 image.

Before the deployment, we need to add .NET35 to the Windows2012R2 Image. Copy from this location the image C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Share\CRP\PlatformImages\WindowsServer2012R2DatacenterEval the VHD. Create a new image that includes the Net-Framework-Core feature using this post.  Now log on to the CLIENTVM. On the client VM login as Administrator and open Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Azure Powershell. Then install the February version using this link. Next open an ISE as administrator. Use this script below to download to put all files in the right directories and start the deployment:

Thanks to Ben for pointing out the option to use expand-archive and edit json files in PowerShell!

The script will run and start the deployment of the SQL RP VM:


When the deployment is finished you can log in to the Azure Stack Portal. Then go to the SqlRPResourceGroup resource group and get select the nic from the VM. Take notice of the public ip assigned to it. Now make a DNS record in the ADVM for the SQLRP:


The last part is to add the RP into Azure Stack and make the service available! As the deployment takes a while we will discuss this in the next blog post!

Stay tuned.

Mark Scholman

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