Monthly Archives: February 2016

Add a Service (co-)Administrator to Azure Stack (RBAC)

In this blog post I am going to describe how you can add co administrators to Azure Stack. In an service provider or enterprise scenario you probably have more than one administrator who manage the environment. Some might be storage admins, some managing the network and others are compute admins. In this post we will […]

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Adding CentOS 7 to Azure Stack TP1

By default Azure Stack TP1 comes with a Windows 2012 R2 image available for the tenants. I wanted to expand my testing capabilities with a Linux deployment as well and I choose CentOS as my distribution. In this blog post I’m going to guide you through the creation of the image vhd on the Azure […]

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AzureStack TP1 released! – part II

PART I:AzureStack TP1 released! Well, I hope everyone got their bits downloaded. Let’s continue with the deployment of AzureStack in our environment. I assume you have installed the host with Windows Server 2016 TP4. copy the downloaded Azure Stack bits to the host and op a PowerShell command as Administrator. Now run the DeployAzureStack.ps1 –Verbose: […]

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