Azure Stack Post-Deployment Script


I posted a piece of my own internal post-deployment script in the Azure Stack forum to clean up WinRM logs and stop the logging. The WinRM log file build up bug in TP2 Refresh can fill up the available space in increments of 4GB per day on the Host and on every fabric VM. I have received positive feedback about it and decided to share my post-deployment script by refactoring it, adding several checks and making it compatible with various scenarios. It is also ready for future Azure Stack TP’s and I intend to maintain it, so expect an updated one when TP3 is out!


So what does it do? In short, this post-deployment script fixes several important bugs (PasswordPolicy/NAT/WinRM), clears up logs (WinRM/Tracing) and improves the overall performance of your Azure Stack environment. For more detailed information and the download itself head over to the TechNet script page.

Please mail me or comment in the Q/A section at TechNet if you have any remarks, contributions or questions. Thanks!

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