Azure Stack TP3 is out! My quick review and update

So TP3 is here and i quickly downloaded the bits and installed some systems. Here a quick wrapup of my experience so far.

First, some parameters are changed as well the folder to start the install from. Find here an example to start the deployment once you have the VHDX installed on the server:

Then after just 4 hours TP3 is installed. The password policy issue is still active, so update the password policy if you want to use your POC longer than 40 days! You might also be used to install AzureRm version 1.2.6, but in TP3 we can use 1.2.8. Be aware of that too.

I use this script to quickly connect to Azure Stack with PowerShell

When you try to configure Marketplace syndication be aware that you installed Azure Stack in online mode (not ADFS) and have a subscription enabled on your Azure account. When you have installed Azure Stack in a AAD that doesn’t has a subscription, don’t worry. If you have another account that has an Azure subscription enabled and active use that one.

UPDATE: I came around a message on twitter from Marius Sandbu that CSP subscriptions dont have the microsoft.azurestack resource provider registered yet. So if you have a CSP subscription it might not work yet to use marketplace syndication:

Now the nasty part… It looks like there is a bug, but again, we are running preview guys… Whenever you update a VM (add/remove extension, add disk, etc.) the VM reboots. and sometimes the operation fails. This has to be fixed in a new build, so that’s a good reason to get the Azure Stack downloader running once in a while and opt-in for the development branch 🙂

Also note, that the PaaS (SQL , MySQL & AppService) installation we have from TP2 do not work on TP3. We have to wait for an updated PaaS installer to get it running on TP3

That’s my 2 cents for today, more blogs will follow with the experience of TP3 deployments!


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