App Service: Will it blend?

I am working with some developers to check if their code would work on Azure Stack Hub App Service. One of us made a reference to the “will it blend” videos that were a hit in the early Youtube days, that made me smile. Because… it is important to smile.

Note: This post applies to App Service version update 8 on Azure Stack Hub.

As App Service on Azure Stack Hub has a subset of features of the App Service in public Azure I found out that, as for now, there isn’t a detailed overview of all the frameworks/languages/… that are supported. In architectural discussions and work you don’t always have time to test things out, so then you need to rely on documentation. While the official documentation is still “work in progress”, I managed to get something useful information with help from Jean-Benoit Paux.

In my quest to get some more information, he replied:

$url = ""

[xml]$xml = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -UseBasicParsing

$xml.feed.entry | select productID,version

While I was exploring the output het told me that the link is to the XML-file containing all things that are installed when App Service is deployed on your Azure Stack Hub. I changed the code to export it to a CSV-file and imported it in Excel for ease of use.

$url = ""

[xml]$xml = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -UseBasicParsing

$xml.feed.entry | Export-Csv -Path .\AppService-update8.csv

For me this was a great help to see on detail level which .Net and NodeJS versions are supported. I removed some columns and rules that aren’t of any use. You can download the Excel sheet here. Hope it will be of use for you too.

Download the Excel-file here.

Thanks again Jean-Benoit Paux for helping me out!

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