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Azure Stack Syslog: my experience so far

Since the 1807 update Azure Stack supports the configuration of a syslog server. In our company we have a syslog service based on ElasticSearch. My initial thoughts back then (oktober 2018) were “Yes, now I can collect everything and filter out what I need!”. Well, turns out to be a little bit different. A special […]

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Azure Stack Availability Sets

While working on an Azure Stack implementation project, I sometimes need to “deepdive” into some of the functions available on Azure Stack. I often need to find out how it works or where the functionality differs from public Azure (if any). Last week it was Availability Sets. More on Azure Availability Sets here. While Availability […]

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Azure File Share for your Infrastructure Backup

While working on a small problem with the infrastructure backup on one of our connected Stacks, I wondered if this could work with an Azure File Share. We now have a dedicated file server that we need to license and manage which might be a little bit old school in 2019? I put out a […]

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