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Identity Governance MyAccess Portal

Temporary Access for Hub Operators

Giving you users (or systems) the least amount of privileged access is one of the three principles in the Zero Trust model. A role you might consider taking a closer look at is the Azure Stack Hub Operator. Written by Bastiaan Wassenaar and Mark Scholman Azure Stack Hub Admin Portal Currently the permissions within the […]

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Wait a minute?

In the last years the Azure Stack Team made some really good improvements when it comes to Patch and Update (PnU) of Azure Stack Hubs. When the PnU-process is fired off guest vm’s are moved around the nodes, so that a node can be taken in maintenance and be upgraded.  In the last couple of […]

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Ignite 2020

Ignite 2020 announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2020 kicked-off yesterday and as far as I can see they have put all the news out there in one go. In the Azure Stack Hub area not too much news, most of it was already announced at Build. VNet peeringProbably the most practical one of all announcements is the support for VNet […]

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Azure Stack Fiji?

The latest rumour in the Azure Stack world is called “Azure Stack Fiji”. This is a very exciting development if you ask me. And I am looking forward to this years Microsoft Ignite, hope we get some announcements! Microsoft is developing a new member of its Azure Stack hybrid computing family that is codenamed Azure […]

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Podcast time: Lisa at the edge!

There are a lot of podcasts out there these days, which in itself is a good thing, but we only have so much time to spend every day. 🙂 When it comes to podcasts about hybrid cloud and Azure Stack there is one that stands out for me at the moment. Lisa at the edge […]

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App Service: Will it blend?

I am working with some developers to check if their code would work on Azure Stack Hub App Service. One of us made a reference to the “will it blend” videos that were a hit in the early Youtube days, that made me smile. Because… it is important to smile. Note: This post applies to […]

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Azure Image Builder: a closer look

At Microsoft Build 2019 I attended a short session about Azure Image Builder & Azure Stack by Daniel Sol and Ihcene Cheriet. They showed a demo of a fully automated customized linux distro and add it as an image to the Azure tenant. Pretty awesome I thought. It took me a while, but this week […]

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Azure Stack Syslog: my experience so far

Since the 1807 update Azure Stack supports the configuration of a syslog server. In our company we have a syslog service based on ElasticSearch. My initial thoughts back then (oktober 2018) were “Yes, now I can collect everything and filter out what I need!”. Well, turns out to be a little bit different. A special […]

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Azure Stack Availability Sets

While working on an Azure Stack implementation project, I sometimes need to “deepdive” into some of the functions available on Azure Stack. I often need to find out how it works or where the functionality differs from public Azure (if any). Last week it was Availability Sets. More on Azure Availability Sets here. While Availability […]

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