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Azure Stack TP3 is out! My quick review and update

So TP3 is here and i quickly downloaded the bits and installed some systems. Here a quick wrapup of my experience so far. First, some parameters are changed as well the folder to start the install from. Find here an example to start the deployment once you have the VHDX installed on the server:


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Adding and using OS Gallery Items to Azure Stack TP2

In the previous post we added the CentOS 7.2 image to the stack and if you took the PowerShell deployment scenario, we ended up with a gallery item as well (if you did not follow the PowerShell deployment method, don’t worry as it’s not needed to follow along). In this blog, we’ll create a custom […]

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Connect Azure Stack to public domain / IP

I managed to get Azure Stack running on a public URL. To help you understand the architecture in TP2 and components used I will try to explain step by step how things have been done. For the networking part to get it to work you need BGP on your switch configured. If you connect Azure […]

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