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Azure Stack TP3 is out! My quick review and update

So TP3 is here and i quickly downloaded the bits and installed some systems. Here a quick wrapup of my experience so far. First, some parameters are changed as well the folder to start the install from. Find here an example to start the deployment once you have the VHDX installed on the server:


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Working directly with the Azure Stack Resource Manager API

I would like to follow up on a blog post I have read here. They talk about how you can interact directly with the Azure Resource Manager API with PowerShell or other programming / scripting languages. The advantage is I don’t need any Azure PowerShell modules in order to retrieve any data from Azure Stack. […]

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Azure Stack TP2 Released!

After a long wait finally we can get our hands dirty on the next technical preview (TP2) of Microsoft Azure Stack. This technical preview is, like TP1, still a single node installation. They have made a lot of enhancements to the deployment experience. Especially when you want to redeploy the same host multiple times. For […]

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Run Azure Stack TP1 on a public URL

In this post I want to explain how I got my POC environment running on a public URL. What we need for this? Because I have some strange issues with my NATVM (I think because of involvement of the network controller) I needed 8 public IP addresses. A small modification to my Hyper-V host file […]

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Azure Stack Test in Production (TiPTests)

With the installation of Azure Stack TP1, Microsoft enables a feature in Azure Stack to check the health of the Azure Stack components. They have called it “Test in Production (TiPTests)”. It’s a PowerShell script that runs on the CLIENTVM and is running tests by deploying resources and testing them on your system. It uses […]

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