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Azure Stack TP3 is out! My quick review and update

So TP3 is here and i quickly downloaded the bits and installed some systems. Here a quick wrapup of my experience so far. First, some parameters are changed as well the folder to start the install from. Find here an example to start the deployment once you have the VHDX installed on the server:


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Run Azure Stack TP1 on a public URL

In this post I want to explain how I got my POC environment running on a public URL. What we need for this? Because I have some strange issues with my NATVM (I think because of involvement of the network controller) I needed 8 public IP addresses. A small modification to my Hyper-V host file […]

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Azure Stack Test in Production (TiPTests)

With the installation of Azure Stack TP1, Microsoft enables a feature in Azure Stack to check the health of the Azure Stack components. They have called it “Test in Production (TiPTests)”. It’s a PowerShell script that runs on the CLIENTVM and is running tests by deploying resources and testing them on your system. It uses […]

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Troubleshoot Azure Stack TP1 xRPVM

I got some issue with Azure Stack during and some after a successful deployment. I wanted to quickly share these. Issue: During deployment of Azure Stack task failed at 114 – 119. Token expired is the error message. Solution: Check and make sure the time zone is -8 and you time is set to that time […]

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AzureStack TP1 released! – part II

PART I:AzureStack TP1 released! Well, I hope everyone got their bits downloaded. Let’s continue with the deployment of AzureStack in our environment. I assume you have installed the host with Windows Server 2016 TP4. copy the downloaded Azure Stack bits to the host and op a PowerShell command as Administrator. Now run the DeployAzureStack.ps1 –Verbose: […]

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AzureStack TP1 released! – part I

Today is the day that many people have waited for… Azure Stack TP1 is just released. Let’s take a look at what we can expect in this release and how to get started with this build. First things first: the download link Azure Stack is Azure in your own datacenter. In the TP1 release we […]

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