Azure Stack TP2 installation failed

Let me write a quick blog on my experience with a installation I did last night. This morning I arrived in the office and was hoping on a completed deployment, but instead I see this:


Instead of trying to go to the C:\CloudDeployment and run the installazurestack -rerun leave this PowerShell box open and run the Invoke-EceAction cmdlet. Look at this post to learn more:

Rerun a deployment from a failed step

I ran this command to rerun my installation that afterwards completed successful:

Invoke-EceAction -RolePath Cloud -ActionType Deployment -Verbose -Start 60

The “-Start 60” is here because when I look at the last error it said it failed at invoking step 60. So that’s the step from where i need to rerun the deployment.

Hope it helps!

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Mark Scholman

About the author

Mark is consultant at inovativ. Last year he is awarded with the Microsoft Azure MVP award. In his day to day job he is building clouds with Azure Stack, System Center and Powershell.

Twitter: @markscholman

  • Tariq

    Even after running this command still its coming back to same error window. Any idea please?