Ignite 2020 announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2020 kicked-off yesterday and as far as I can see they have put all the news out there in one go. In the Azure Stack Hub area not too much news, most of it was already announced at Build.

VNet peering
Probably the most practical one of all announcements is the support for VNet peering on Azure Stack Hub! This was one of the biggest feature requests from users in the last couple of years. Finally we can peer our Kubernetes vnets with our Hub (pun intended) Vnets.

The PM’s did a great job writing everything down in the following blogs:
Azure Stack Hub updates at MS Ignite 2020
Azure Stack Edge Unveils Three New Devices
Azure Stack Hub Platform Improvements for Ignite 2020
Azure Stack Hub developer announcements – September 2020

Oh and one new gadget! An AR-app you can use to place Azure Stacks in your environment called “Microsoft hardware experience”. Look for it in your prefered app store.

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