Change default 2012 R2 image to a new disk (with NetFx35)

Got a question from Robert about this topic on another post so i thought, lets write a short post on how to fix the 2012R2 image in TP1 to have .NET in it.

*note; if you downloaded Azure stack after February 23 ’16 you already have the .net35 baked into the image. You can skip the part adding .net35 to the 2012 R2 image.

On the Hyper-V host go to :
C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Share\CRP\PlatformImages\WindowsServer2012R2DatacenterEval\ and copy the eval VHD in the same directory and rename it to this:

(The size is bigger already as i did it already)

Create a new Gen1 VM and add the copied disk as boot disk:



When finshed boot the VM and in the OOBE (where you need to accept licence and set password) wizard press CTR +SHIFT + F3. It will login using audit mode. Leave the popup box for sysprep open. Now attach the 2012R2 dvd and open PowerShell as administrator and run Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Core –Source D:\sources\sxs. Next open Server Manager and enable RDP and disable Internet Enhanced Configuration:


Now back on the Sysprep tool choose settings as below. Dont forget to change it to shutdown and enable generalize:


When the machine is shut down remove the VM from Hyper-V. Open the manifest.json and change the VHD location. Save it and you are done :


For the POC this will do fine. In real life (GA and after…) you want to copy the folder maybe and create a complete new market place item. But thats for later.

Hope it works out for you this way Robert!


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